09 December 2011 @ 10:49 am
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I met Lee Pace and Jim Parsons! I saw them in New York City, summer 2011, after the Off-Broadway play they starred in, The Normal Heart. They came out in the back after the show to meet the fans. Mom got a picture with Jim and I got one with Lee. My face looks incredibly derpy in that photo, though, so I try not to look at it much despite its existence being AWESOME. Mom still squeals like a fangirl over her photo with Jim, haha. Lee and Jim are precious.

I acted very normal (and nervous as hell) when meeting them but on the inside I was like


"I don't think you two understand how happy I am right now. Can I, like, hug you both?"

I also saw Daniel Radcliffe the night before in How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. Although I was very close to him in the front row and could probably touch him if I leaned forward enough, I don't think that exactly counts lol.

That aside, I only have one more day of college this semester and it's this upcoming Tuesday. Just have to take my Spanish final and we're all done until January.

Get ready to be dominated, final.
I mean, you're just Spanish I.
You're not even trying.
Current Mood: nostalgic
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