I have several headcanons for Rin and Len's Append(s), but one of my favorite headcanons is that each of their Appends are three different people (three voice banks, and all). In October, I randomly doodled Len and his three Append "siblings" running around my Spanish notes paper one day at college. It was a fun way to spend time before class!

And somehow they stuck and Rin has Append "sisters", as well. It's been fun developing my headcanons of the two families. To clear the confusion of who's who, they all decided to call the original Rin and Len by their names and the other Appends call themselves by their appropriate voice bank.

Of the Len family:

Len: Len is initially very stressed and annoyed by his new brothers (What kind of birthday present is three headaches?), but he grows to tolerate them, perhaps even... like them? (lol) He's plucked up a lot of responsibility with his new role of "big brother" but he feels weird when the other three call him that, considering how he's physically smaller than they are. He's still a fun and kind Vocaloid who can get pretty cheeky and mischievous like Rin, but the stress of his new family makes his personality frequently short-tempered and exhausted. During especially chaotic days, he tends to hole up in a far-off corner with his PSP to escape the mayhem, ignoring the household items-turned-projectiles and screams of agony. He gave Rin the road roller to keep at her house for the safety of everyone (or else there would be three ponytailed pancakes laying around). Len sometimes laments that he is "related" to the Appends and has painfully grown an immense amount of patience. The Only Sane Man.

Serious: Calm, collected, and courteous. He tries to be as mature as possible and often asserts that he is (which can get annoying), but is still a young teen boy Vocaloid who can get out of hand and lose his cool. Often found bickering with Power or being clung to by Cold. His hobby is reading good literature but has a not-so-secret collection of shoujo manga. Tends to speak somewhat "properly". Serious is very protective of his family and loves everyone at the end of the day (even Power). He lays down the law when Len isn't home and corrals the other two Appends to sit down and behave. He is the "mom" to Len's "dad", and is occasionally called such by Cold and Power. Mama Bear.

Cold: Quiet and very kind, always trying to help when he can and to stop fights because they're scary (but usually fails and sometimes makes things worse with his wibbling). Cold is easily flustered and is reduced to babbling strings of "Um, er, uh, I, uh..." when embarrassed or put on the spot. He's the naive, innocent little kid of the family who gets upset by Bad Words. Prone to nervous s-t-t-tuttering and has occasional sinus problems (making his voice stuffy and thus consequently creating more teasing bait for Power). Very much a pacifist and kind of a crybaby at times. He often clings to Serious like he's a security blanket. Power picks on him frequently because it's so damn easy. Considering his demeanor, it's extremely baffling to everyone else that one of his best singing genres is rock. The Woobie.

Power: Most naturally, Power is loud and proud. He's a huge narcissist who's wild and devious. He's a video game junkie and becomes "Mr. Fuckity Fuck-Fuck" while playing first-person shooters online (he always gets head-shot and blown to bits by Rin Power). His hobbies are torturing playing with his favorite chew toy (aka Cold), giving Len a hard time, and pressing Serious' buttons, testing how much it takes to make him completely lose it. Despite his ongoing snark war with Serious, Power wakes up every morning finding himself cuddled up to him like a baby (which he very adamantly denies). He's not a total asshat, though; Power truly loves his family but has a difficult time trying to express it. He could calm down and have a complete personality reform if he wanted to, but he prefers to be a jerk because "it's more fun". Jerk with a Heart of Gold.

And as for the Rin family:

Rin: Rin is absolutely delighted to live with her three "sisters"! She places great importance on teamwork and encourages tolerance, kindness, and forgiveness. She's bright, bouncy, silly, and occasionally mischievous. Enjoys dumb eroge for the lulz and buys slash doujinshi, and is a Nico Nico Douga junkie. Only Len has unwillingly seen her doujinshi collection. Between the two of them, she wears the pants, but she assures Len that they are equals. They bond over Mario Kart when Len visits to get a breath of fresh air away from his upside-down home. All the Appends of both families obey her without question (which really frustrates Len, who tries to hold his siblings by a leash but instead gets dragged with his face scraping the pavement). The Leader, closet Fujoshi and Otaku Surrogate.

Sweet: Sweet is a very, well, sweet little lady. She wears a fresh flower every day tucked behind her left ear, so she smells sweet, too!  (But she sometimes just wears a fake flower for convenience.) The flowers are usually daisies or some other kind of little wildflower. Sweet has a habit of occasionally carrying around a medium-sized plush rabbit with white fur and big, floppy ears, affectionately named "Mr. Bun-Bun". She's shy and a little timid but she's willing to go out and try new things. Both she and Cold have puppy-love crushes on each other but they never admit it. (´・ω・`) Dojikko.

Warm: Warm is a very relaxed person. She keeps peace with everyone and everything and tries to help every good cause. She seeks ~spiritual purity. Imagine how good it feels to lay on a warm rock: Warm's personality is that pleasant! Warm sometimes has her head too in the clouds, which causes confusion for all the girls because they aren't on the same page. She can usually be found chilling around the house or outside with her acoustic guitar in hand. Despite still being a baby Vocaloid, Warm is the the gal everyone comes to for advice. Cool Big Sis.

Power: Rin Power is a 4chan lurker and knows too many internet memes and TV Tropes for her own good. She's also an avid fan of first-person shooters. Rin and Rin Power together are a most formidable geek force. They often stay up late talking on and on and on about their shared interests. Personality-wise, Rin Power is also kind of loud like Len Power but she's a nicer person; she thinks he's a dickwad. Rin Power's favorite hobby is playing harmless pranks on all the Vocaloids. You've got to keep an eye on her because she's also the hyper little kid of the family. Now you see her, now you don't! Her life source is orange juice and Red Bull mixed together. (Don't worry, she'll crash eventually.) Genki Girl.

Rin's family is completely functional compared to Len's dysfunctional one; everyone gets along and the only fighting that occurs is petty five-second pouts of, "Hey, that orange was mine..." only to be immediately mended with, "Oh well, we can always buy more! Lots more!" The Len family isn't so bad and it has its very good days but it has man periods and its usual stress level is from medium to beyond the scale. The Rin family has rather infrequent and little stress.

Rin wants to have as much fun as she can with her family.
Len just wants to survive.

At first, the Appends wore stick-on letters according to their voice bank (S, C, P/Sw, W, P)  on the left sides of their chests for convenience's sake. They no longer need them anymore since everyone can tell who's who, but they are still fond of their badges and wear them anyway.

.......... AND THERE WE HAVE IT! Thank you for reading. I put all of this out here because Amy thought it'd be funny to "ask" these guys stuff. She bombarded the Len family with asks so those will be coming up sometime in the future. Feel free to ask anything, yourselves! idk it's just fun. Vocaloids are my favorite playthings. (´・ω・`)

Meanwhile Kenney is annoyed that I've taken a break from writing and drawing my original characters. They're on the back-burner and are being gutted, analyzed, and fixed to be the kind of characters I've wanted them to be. They got a little derailed and I'm not happy with that.
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