30 December 2011 @ 10:25 pm
(Oh hi, Oliver. Forgot you were there.)

The sheer amount of squee and flailing going on inside of me, I can't even...

I got this from a seller at the Vocaloid LJ community. I jumped on it immediately! They were so nice and we were both glad to know these items would be well taken care of. This is a copy of Suzunosuke's doujinshi behind the song Karakuri Burst, which explains how Rin and Len first met as children, in a flash back. The first few pages are of the time very previously before the song's events. In those pages, Kaito and Leon are having a grim conversation about the state of things while observing the mayhem in the land. Ending that part is an image of an unconscious Len with a bloody hole where his right eye should be (HNNG EYEPATCH TIME ♥). And then yeah flashback and cute Rin and Len but it ends off on a heavy note, especially since we all know what becomes of them, as explained in the song.

ANYWAY, MORE PICTURES. (Sorry, they're pretty crappy.)

The cover is so painfully sexy omg. Really, really sexy. And yet sad; dripping from Rin and Len are light drops of water, but they also come down the sides of their faces--tears--which blend with the other trickles of water.

And here's a look at the CD, which contains the official song, karaoke/instrumental tracks, and I -think- the PV posted at Nico Nico Douga. I'm just remembering from what the seller said, I haven't popped it into my computer yet. ;;

The inside looks like this:

Inside the pamphlet on the left are the song's lyrics and credits to the people involved in the project.

Back to the doujinshi, Rin and Len are so cute. ;w;

Rin: LET'S BE BFFS! (≧∇≦)/
Len: W-WHAT?? Σ(゚Д゚|||)

Rin is very lively and Len is a kind of sickly kid. They're both quite wise for their ages.

Since this is a rare treasure to me, I won't bend it by scanning it, but I will take the clearest and sharpest of photos possible without hurting the book and translate it, if there is any interest (even if it's just one of you)! It may take a while because, although I understand grammar--formal and informal, my vocabulary is still relatively small and I only know about 350 kanji lmao (out of about 2000 you need to know to be literate). My vocabulary + kanji dictionary is my very best friend. So, I would benefit from the translation, too. ;; I get like 75% of what's being said, but... orz

And I guess that's it!
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