I have several headcanons for Rin and Len's Append(s), but one of my favorite headcanons is that each of their Appends are three different people (three voice banks, and all). In October, I randomly doodled Len and his three Append "siblings" running around my Spanish notes paper one day at college. It was a fun way to spend time before class!

And somehow they stuck and Rin has Append "sisters", as well. It's been fun developing my headcanons of the two families. To clear the confusion of who's who, they all decided to call the original Rin and Len by their names and the other Appends call themselves by their appropriate voice bank.

Of the Len family:

Buckle your seatbelts, this is going to be a long ride. )

.......... AND THERE WE HAVE IT! Thank you for reading. I put all of this out here because Amy thought it'd be funny to "ask" these guys stuff. She bombarded the Len family with asks so those will be coming up sometime in the future. Feel free to ask anything, yourselves! idk it's just fun. Vocaloids are my favorite playthings. (´・ω・`)

Meanwhile Kenney is annoyed that I've taken a break from writing and drawing my original characters. They're on the back-burner and are being gutted, analyzed, and fixed to be the kind of characters I've wanted them to be. They got a little derailed and I'm not happy with that.
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