17 January 2012 @ 06:40 pm
First day of the spring semester... )

Oh! But in good news, my friend Richard gave me his Bamboo tablet!! He said he never uses it so I could have it. I haven't played with it yet but I'm so happy and grateful and excited. ;w; My last tablet was a 2005 Graphire... that's last driver was in 2005 pfft.

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15 January 2012 @ 11:51 am
Well. Had another seizure last night at about eight, thirty minutes after I took my medication for it. Oh.

oh well )

Going to clean up my room and squeeze in some drawing and Skyward Sword in today since today and tomorrow are my last days of winter break. I go back to school on Tuesday. My schedule has a huge-ass break between the end of my first class at 9:15 until my second class at 12:35. I guess I'll draw some "real" drawings that are worth completing digitally while I'm waiting between classes. I really need the practice. ;;
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30 December 2011 @ 10:25 pm
(Oh hi, Oliver. Forgot you were there.)

The sheer amount of squee and flailing going on inside of me, I can't even...

cut cut cut cut cut )

And I guess that's it!
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I have several headcanons for Rin and Len's Append(s), but one of my favorite headcanons is that each of their Appends are three different people (three voice banks, and all). In October, I randomly doodled Len and his three Append "siblings" running around my Spanish notes paper one day at college. It was a fun way to spend time before class!

And somehow they stuck and Rin has Append "sisters", as well. It's been fun developing my headcanons of the two families. To clear the confusion of who's who, they all decided to call the original Rin and Len by their names and the other Appends call themselves by their appropriate voice bank.

Of the Len family:

Buckle your seatbelts, this is going to be a long ride. )

.......... AND THERE WE HAVE IT! Thank you for reading. I put all of this out here because Amy thought it'd be funny to "ask" these guys stuff. She bombarded the Len family with asks so those will be coming up sometime in the future. Feel free to ask anything, yourselves! idk it's just fun. Vocaloids are my favorite playthings. (´・ω・`)

Meanwhile Kenney is annoyed that I've taken a break from writing and drawing my original characters. They're on the back-burner and are being gutted, analyzed, and fixed to be the kind of characters I've wanted them to be. They got a little derailed and I'm not happy with that.
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16 December 2011 @ 05:06 pm

Like everything else in Vocaloid is up to interpretation, so are the toys.

Len's still feeling pretty sore. )

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13 December 2011 @ 09:12 am
Somehow this morning on the way to school, mom got on the topic of her Christmas party last Friday. All of her work friends were there. Then she started bitching at me about it. Of course I was like


1) How did this conversation even happen?
2) How is it my fault that your guests were rude?

"You should have mingled with my friends!"


r00d )

On a completely different topic, I have my Spanish final in less than two hours. I'm going back to studying now that I've gotten this post out of my system. I don't feel completely ready because my teacher is awful at explaining grammar and so is our textbook, so I've had to pick up the pieces and fill in the gaps myself. Despite that, I don't feel particularly worried. Things will go just fine. My classmates are pulling their hair out but I think they'll do a lot better than they're expecting.
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09 December 2011 @ 10:49 am
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I met Lee Pace and Jim Parsons! I saw them in New York City, summer 2011, after the Off-Broadway play they starred in, The Normal Heart. They came out in the back after the show to meet the fans. Mom got a picture with Jim and I got one with Lee. My face looks incredibly derpy in that photo, though, so I try not to look at it much despite its existence being AWESOME. Mom still squeals like a fangirl over her photo with Jim, haha. Lee and Jim are precious.

I acted very normal (and nervous as hell) when meeting them but on the inside I was like


"I don't think you two understand how happy I am right now. Can I, like, hug you both?"

I also saw Daniel Radcliffe the night before in How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. Although I was very close to him in the front row and could probably touch him if I leaned forward enough, I don't think that exactly counts lol.

That aside, I only have one more day of college this semester and it's this upcoming Tuesday. Just have to take my Spanish final and we're all done until January.

Get ready to be dominated, final.
I mean, you're just Spanish I.
You're not even trying.
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25 November 2011 @ 03:25 pm
Seeing myself in the mirror:


Seeing myself in photos:


Meanwhile the rest of my family is so photogenic and everyone but me looks like runway models.

I hate family portraits.
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01 November 2011 @ 03:11 pm

For about three weeks now, my little sister's friend has been staying at our house. Bridgette is a nice girl but I am getting a little frustrated with her being here. I can't roam around the house casually. I have to have my hair been in some kind of order (short hair = bed head errrywhurrr if you lay down only for a while) and I can't go bra-less. :c It's comfier, okay?

This ended up being about more things than I originally thought. )

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